Parting wisdom: be an engaging reader

This will be my last week contributing to the Journal Record--at least in my current capacity. As of today, Wednesday, Sept. 29, I am writing full-time for the Lagniappe Weekly in Mobile.
I can only count on one hand the times I’ve had to make a decision this defining. Marion County has been so good to me. My employees are incredible, and the readers and friendships I’ve made have been nothing short of outstanding.
As a student of this community for the last four-and-a-half years of writing here, it seems odd to me to try and return any parting wisdom.
I have always strived to approach interviews and articles with the presumption that I have something to learn. That has done well for me.
I’ve always tried to reserve my personal opinions and perspectives for significant moments for our opinion section. Columns have always been the most taxing form of writing for me, as I feel the weight of needing to have a well-formulated argument.
I will take one last stab at offering advice.
To our readers, I want to encourage you to engage with the newspaper.

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