The importance of humility

I’m 28 years old this month.
Being nearly 30 is not old at all but the older I get the more I reflect on who I am and how I act and that’s always changing.
 It’s not only age that does it, I love God as well and that brings about its own constant self-reflection.
I am constantly having to put myself in the uncomfortable position of looking at myself and seeing just how wrong I am in a lot of situations and having to readjust my actions in order to live right.
 It’s difficult, we all go through it—it’s just a natural part of life for everyone.
Now, of course, I don’t have all the answers for you on how to navigate self-reflection, but I’m going to give you a tiny little bit of advice that may help you.
Now, when I say humility, I don’t mean that fake humility where you receive a compliment for something about you and you act bashful and say, “No, no, I’m not THAT great.”
I’m talking about the very real and VERY uncomfortable humility that makes you sick to your stomach.

We need it—we need humility in every area in our lives, and that only comes from being humbled.
I’m telling you the truth here, I have a hard time with humility.
I think it’s just regular human nature to be disgusted by correction or the act of being taught something by anyone we don’t want to be corrected or taught by, but listen, it’s important.
Always be a learner, don’t ever make it seem as though you know everything.
I learned that kind of lesson—and still learn—since I’ve been here at the Journal Record.
It gives us no advantage to act as if we know everything.
 In fact, it puts us all at quite the disadvantage.
We need each other, and if we act as though we know all, we completely negate those around us, which we should not do!
Being corrected and being humbled is humiliating, but that’s kind of the point.
Humility isn’t a fun process, but it is sorely needed—especially with the state of humanity now.
We are incapable of truly loving those around us unless we are also humble.
We are incapable of being learners unless we are truly humble. These are undeniable truths.
Aim to be humble in all things, always be willing to learn from those around you.
I can’t even begin to tell you how good it is to humble yourself—no matter how uncomfortable it is—in order to gain the right perspective on a matter.
I’ve learned this as a new parent, I’ve learned this as a writer here and I’ve learned this as a man.
Be humble—truly humble.

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