The Alabama lottery and taxes

In reading Steve Flowers’ article in the Journal Record’s March 8, edition in the editorial page about Alabama having its own lottery got my attention for more than one reason. When we shop for the majority of groceries, we head to Fulton. No need to tell you where we shop in Fulton. I am sure many do the same thing because the state taxes on groceries is much lower there.
And while shopping there, we do partake in the state’s lottery and the national drawings sold in Mississippi. We also scratch our wishes for instant riches with the state’s scratch offs. No need to tell you how much we spend on those “wishes of riches” because it is none of your business.
As far as the lottery for Alabama, I agree it would help in some way. I would ask that if the lottery does happen in Alabama, I would ask that the last gas tax go away. I do buy my gas in Mississippi also by the way, like many Alabamians do while shopping there.
So yes, to the lottery but with the last increased gas taxes to be discontinued.

Troy Reed
Hamilton, Ala.


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