Hackleburg scores eighth win in a row

Panther Davin Dulaney takes the ball in for his second touchdown on the night. Also shown in the background is Cameron Ingram.

By P.J. Gossett
General manager
HACKLEBURG — The Hackleburg Panthers have now won all but their first game and are looking toward the playoffs. One regular season game remains, and that will be at Cherokee tomorrow, Nov. 2.
Their eighth win in a row occurred Thursday, Oct. 26, against the Vina Red Devils, with a score of 43-6.
Vina had possession first, but it was soon interrupted on third down with an interception by 10th grader Sawyer Johnson, who got the ball to Vina’s 10 yard line. The ball was given to Davin Dulaney who got the remaining 10 yards for the Panthers’ first touchdown. The PAT by Carson Swinney was good, lighting the scoreboard 7-0.
Vina got to third down once more before a pass was intercepted by Seth Ables at Hackleburg’s 35 yard line. It wasn’t long before the remaining 65 yards were collected, with Dulaney earning the second touchdown. Another good Swinney PAT put Hackleburg 14-0.
On Vina’s next possession, they were able to make 10 yards before the ball was fumbled, and Panther Garrett Pennington was there to recover it. Hackleburg’s Daughtry Gober was able to move across the field for a touchdown, followed by the third good Swinney PAT, upping the score to 21-0, Hackleburg.
As the second quarter started, Vina fumbled again, and Johnson grabbed the ball once more. This time, it was only 20 yards to gain for the touchdown, taken by Cameron Ingram. The fourth good Swinney PAT left the score at 28-0, Hackleburg.
After having possession for several plays, Vina was forced to punt, leaving Hackleburg on their own 41 yard line. Shortly, Hackleburg was first and goal when Ross Hudson took his turn for a touchdown. A good Swinney PAT raised the score to 35-0, Hackleburg, at half time.
Vina seemed to double their efforts at the start of the second half and kept the ball for most of the quarter. It was at this point, Vina’s Cai Lawler earned a touchdown for his team after a long 70 yard drive. Their two point conversion was no good, leaving the score at 35-6, Hackleburg.
The Panthers did the same thing. The only scoring in the fourth quarter came from the last Hackleburg touchdown, this time by Austin Gerald, after a 70 yard drive. The two point try by Kross Weeks was good, leaving the score in favor of Hackleburg 43-6.

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