No injuries reported on school bus incident

No injuries are reported from this bus which dropped off the shoulder of State Highway 107.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
GUIN — The Guin police and fire departments responded to a traffic incident involving a Marion County school bus on State Highway 107 on Thursday, Feb. 1.
According to Guin Police Chief Daryl Spencer, the section of the road the bus was driving on did not have room on the shoulder of the road before a steep drop-off.
Spencer, who did not name the bus driver, said a situation arose on the bus that required the driver’s attention. When he returned his focus to the road, he noticed the bus had started to drift over the side of the road and the drop off.
Spencer said the bus could have rolled over were it not for the driver’s expert response.
“(There were) no injuries at all, and it’s all due to the bus driver and his experience and training and everything,” Spencer said. “He done an excellent job to keep anybody from getting hurt. His driving skills kicked in, and my hat’s off to him.
“It was a bizarre incident, no fault of the driver. Right there on 107, there’s literally no room on the shoulder. It just drops straight off.
“It was just an unfortunate incident, no fault of anyone. The bus driver did an excellent job of keeping that thing from turning over and keeping anybody from getting hurt.”

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