Tell them to their face

This past week was a pretty rough one if I’m being honest.
I’ve been a little homesick for Long Island where I grew up, and I finally got to visit--just not for the reason I would have wanted.
I was born in Los Angeles, but I was raised on Long Island, New York, in a place called Farmingville. I lived on a road called Falcon Court where there were two families who we would become familiar with.

Members vote no on relief guidance

Staff Writer

HAMILTON - Marion County commissioners chose not to use 6% of its $5.7 million in American Rescue Plan monies to pay the Alabama County Commission Association (ACCA) for legal and administrative aid on how the funds can be used.
By doing so, the commission will not be using  $346,294 to participate in the ACCA’s Investing in Alabama Counties (IAC) program, which will help participating counties plan and spend the Rescue funds.

Rep. Estes marks perfect score

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State Rep. Tracy Estes, R-Winfield, was graded with a 100% on the Alabama Policy Institute legislative scorecard, called the API Watchlist.
According to the API, the scorecard graded legislators on criteria that included key votes, attendance, public accessibility and a consideration of local bills which raise taxes.
Among the bills included as “designated key votes” for state senators were medical marijuana, COVID-19 liability protection, tax relief and limiting some executive powers during emergencies.

Estes among most conservative in Montgomery

Knocking on doors and shaking countless hands across House District 17 on the campaign trail almost three years ago, I promised potential voters I would honor the traditional values upon which this nation was founded.
I offered assurances I would remain faithful to the conservative principles still treasured by so many in Northwest Alabama. From the bottom of my heart, I am confident I have honored those promises. And according to a recent scorecard released by the Alabama Policy Institute, the commitment to what our district values has been noticed.

Teaching Critical Race Theory isn’t what you should be worried about

No, teaching critical race theory, or CRT, may actually help us better understand what the theory is and why it’s problematic. What we should really be worried about is CRT indoctrination and praxis--or practice, as distinguished from theory.
I’ve seen the left and many journalists attempt to paint up CRT as teaching honest history of racism in schools. That is an intentional mischaracterization. Despite all the blown smoke, it is completely possible to teach about racism and systemic oppression without teaching CRT.

The Story of Charles Henderson

Since I hail from Troy, Alabama, allow me to share with you the story of our only governor. Charles Henderson was not only the 35th Governor of Alabama, but he may also be one of the most profound philanthropists in Alabama history. He is unquestionably the greatest philanthropist to grace Pike County.

ANDI study will offer objective opinion on hot topic

Financial disagreements are among the strongest predictors of a divorce. It’s no mystery as to why, either. In more ways than we’d like to admit, money is power and freedom--and that’s why it’s so touchy. People get fearful when they feel that their relationship with money is challenged because it is an affront to their power and freedom. And when they feel that fear, they get angry. The Northwest Alabama Gas District (NWAGD) board, consisting of six local mayors, has been an amicable group for about the past decade. But leave it to money issues to break that peace.

Hamilton council salutes Irvin, Logan


By Scott Johnson
General Manager

HAMILTON - The Hamilton City Council took time during its Tuesday, July 6, meeting to honor two influential Hamilton men.
“In the past 10 days, Hamilton has experienced the loss of two men who helped the city in so many ways we can’t even number them
The mayor said this includes former Hamilton Mayor, state representative and manufactured housing mogul Steve Logan and former councilman and Star Printing owner Bobby Joe Irvin.

Hamilton man arrested for homemade fireworks operation


By Scott Johnson
General Manager

A Hamilton man has been arrested and charged for illegally manufacturing and selling fireworks.
According to the Alabama Fire Marshal’s Office, Larry Lee Lucas,  45, Hamilton, was arrested on Tuesday, July 6, for allegedly purchasing, possessing, manufacturing and distributing fireworks without first obtaining a state license.

Local state school board member against CRT

Alabama State School Board Member Belinda McRae.[Ed Howell/Daily Mountain Eagle]

By Luke Brantley
Staff Writer

HAMILTON - Alabama Board of Education District 7 Representative and Hamilton native Belinda McRae spoke with the Journal Record about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and whether it should have a place in Alabama schools.
District 7 covers most of the northwest corner of the state, including Marion, Lamar, Fayette, Walker, Winston, Franklin, Lawrence, Colbert, Lauderdale, Jefferson and Tuscaloosa Counties, as well as part of Limestone County.