Green celebrates 45 years as nurse

Gay Green is pictured here performing her duties at Sunset Manor Nursing Home in Guin on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

GUIN - “I’ve gotten so used to driving here, my car just automatically turns toward Guin to get here,” said Gay Green, who is marking 45 years as a nurse at Sunset Manor Nursing Home in Guin.
“I come down here so much from Pea Ridge. This is just my second home,” she said, her laughter echoing through the lobby of the nursing home that was built five years before she started working there.
Green, 66, has worked at Sunset Manor since June 1974 and is considered an asset among the staff, said the nursing home’s owner and administrator, Lance Junkin.
“She’s just got a great personality and she loves the residents,” Junkin said. “She was one of the first nurses that I met when I started working here in high school as an orderly in 1983.”


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