Clay Dyer remembers his early fishing start in Marion County

Clay Dyer (right) and his grandfather, Pride Gann, are pictured here in 2014, a few months before Gann passed away.

HAMILTON - Last month, well-known Hamilton native son Clay Dyer was inducted into the “Legends of the Outdoors” Hall of Fame.  
The "Legends of the Outdoors" was established to recognize those outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen who, through countless hours of hard work and devotion to the outdoors, in both hunting and fishing, have played an integral part in setting the standards and guidelines for the rest of the outdoor world to follow.
Dyer, a professional bass fisherman, has certainly fulfilled those requirements--and then some. Dyer was born without legs, no left arm and only a partial arm on his right side. Through perseverance, diligence and hard work, Dyer, even with his physical differences, has developed the ability to cast a rod just like any other person.  
Today, through his numerous profiles in the media, professional appearances on countless TV shows and his ministry, Dyer serves as an inspiration to millions.


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