COVID-19 affecting students

Students change classes on Monday morning, Jan. 31. Marion County Schools Superintendent Ann West said Marion County schools saw a spike of cases, but that number has started to decrease.

By Louis Mellini and
Luke Brantley
Staff writers
MARION COUNTY — This round of COVID-19 outbreak has seen a noticible uptick in cases among younger people throughout the nation, putting strains on school systems throughout the country.
Marion County Superintendent  of Education Ann West and Winfield City Schools Superintendent of Education Randy Thomley spoke to the Journal Record concerning the recent spread of COVID affecting their respective schools.
West stated that students have been affected by the outbreak this school year, but the past week has given her hope that the infected numbers will continue to drop.
“This variant does seem to be affecting more students than before.  Most of the student cases report cold-like symptoms with some more severe than others,” said West.

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