Glen Allen restores water after main leaks

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer

GLEN ALLEN — The Town of Glen Allen repaired a broken water pipe on Saturday, Oct. 21, after hours of effort to locate and repair the leak.
The Town of Glen Allen posted on Facebook on Friday afternoon, Oct. 20, asking residents to conserve water as the town’s water tank seemed to be draining.
Mayor Allen Dunavant said the town clerk was returning from Winfield on Friday afternoon and noticed the tank had drained significantly from the last time she checked that morning.
Dunavant said the town, due to its small size, had to work with the resources and personnel they had available.
“We just had a water main that blew out in two places. In order to repair it, it took time,” Dunavant said. “We’re a small municipality. We don’t have full-time employees. Basically, what happened was, the water tank drained overnight on Thursday night. We knew it was draining but we didn’t have anybody here. Our water operator was out of town attending a conference, and he’s not a full-time employee. So he wasn’t expected to be here. I was also out of town at a meeting, so it all came down to our part-time town clerk, and she handled it the best she could.”
Dunavant said some took to social media to voice their concerns or complaints, while others volunteered to help look for the leak. That search lasted late into Friday night after football games.
Hubbertville School, which is on the same water line, had to close early on Friday since there wasn’t enough water to use to cook food for students. They still hosted a football game that night but had to use porta potties due to the lack of water.

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