Leggings cause rare split in the seams

In an unusual occurrence, the Marion County Board of Education found itself split on an issue. 
It is the norm for the Marion County Board of Education to be in agreement. There are few recountable times where the board has split opinions—let alone votes—on any issue. It has made countless unanimous decisions over the years.
Board members found their views conflicting during a discussion on a proposed ban on leggings during its meeting on Thursday, May 13. The board made no decision on the ban during the meeting and tabled a final verdict for further consideration.
We found it interesting to listen to board members not agree on something. However, we don’t want to make too much of the issue—the proposed ban could very well die silently on the table.
The school system’s current policy on leggings requires students to wear a top which comes down at least four inches from the knee.
“Coach” Don Jones was vocally supportive of a ban. All three women on the board—Beverly Burleson, Joyce Fowler and board president Belinda McRae—were hesitant and seemed to lean in support of the board’s in-place policy. Board member Daryl Weatherley didn’t express any view during the discussion.
Should the issue of leggings be pressed and brought back up for a vote, it appears as though the will of the women would likely carry.
We are thankful for an elected school board that is united and dedicated to making the Marion County School System a quality entity for our residents. We have no doubt these board members will continue in this tradition. This question on leggings has simply revealed a rare and interesting difference in opinion.