North Fork Creek Bridge project complete

The new bridge over Northfork Creek between Hackleburg and Hamilton is now open to traffic, rendering travel somewhat safer. The original bridge was built in 1931 and reconstructed in 1982. Over the years a number of deaths resulted from the traffic accidents that officials attributed to the terrain and design of the old bridge. The new bridge is wider and straighter. For a comlete story see page 6A.

HACKLEBURG -  The project to make the journey to and from Hackleburg safer and easier is now coming to an end.
After a slight delay, W.S. Neal of Montgomery, who was awarded the building contract in April 2018, has completed the bridge running over North Fork Creek.
After being ahead of schedule when the bridge was initially being built, the contract looked as though it would be completed in December 2018, but after the setback of a steel beam falling during bridge construction, plans to finish ahead of schedule were delayed, putting the completion date closer to its originally intended completion date.


See complete story in the Journal Record.
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