It was the right call

March of 2019 saw some controversy as our state legislators voted a resounding “Yes” for the infamous 10-cent gas tax, which was implemented to fund our major road projects. Many individuals all around the state and in our county were infuriated at Marion County State Rep. Tracy Estes, R-Winfield, and his vote to apply a tax on our residents in what seemed like a decision made against some of our own desires.
Time was always going to tell whether or not it was the right or wrong decision and, well, it seems to us that voting for the gas tax was the right call.
Let’s get the obvious out of the way, whether we in Marion County wanted this tax or not, it was going to happen. The final vote was tallied 85 for and 15 against the tax being implemented.
If Estes had voted no, we would still be paying the tax and, even worse, risk the danger of having no money returning to the area in the form of road projects. According to the representative, there are some legislators in the state who have seen zero projects return to their districts.
With the recent awards for the Marion County Commission and the City of Winfield, Marion County has now specifically received eight Rebuild grants worth $3 million--and that isn’t counting the Rebuild funds used to repave the county’s portion of Interstate 22.
From all appearances, Estes made the right call to throw in his support for the tax, and we (and our vehicles) are very grateful for it. We know it isn’t ideal to have to pay any additional taxes, but when improvements are being seen in our county as much as they’ve been seen with Rebuild Alabama monies, we are confident in saying it was the right call.



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