Red Raiders make Vina Red Devils see red

By Luke brantley
Staff Writer

VINA — The Marion County Red Raiders traveled to Vina on Friday to take on the Red Devils, shutting them down 48-0.
The Raiders won the coin toss and elected to receive, and began their first drive on their own 35 yard line.
Brodie Silas ran twice for the Raiders for a total of 20 yards. Dee Lipsey was next, rushing for another 17 yards. The Raiders fumbled on the next play, and the Devils recovered.
The Red Raider defense held the line, stopping the Red Devils from gaining yards and forcing a punt.
The Raiders got the ball back to their own 44. Silas ran on first down, but couldn’t make it past the line. On second and ten, Marion County quarterback Gavin Cole threw a pass to Landon Morrow for a nine-yard gain.
With one yard to go on third down, Silas gained two to get the first down. Lipsey ran for 13 yards, and Morrow followed that up with a 27-yard run from Vina’s 31 yard line. Gavin Cole tried to run, but was tackled for a loss on the five yard line.
Lipsey got the ball on second and goal and made it the last five yards to score the first touchdown of the game. The extra point was good, and Marion County was up 7-0.
Vina made a push back down the field after receiving the kickoff. They gained yards and crossed midfield, but a fumble put the ball back in Red Raider hands.
The first quarter ended with Marion County at second and three on the Red Devil 22 yard line.
In the second quarter, the Raiders made it to the 18, before  penalties and a fumble dropped them back to the 49. But a group effort from Cole, Morrow and Lipsey turned the tide and brought the Raiders to the 18.
From there, Cole made an 18-yard touchdown run. The extra point was good again, for another seven points. Marion County was leading 14-0.
Vina had the ball for one play, but a safety cost them two more points.
The Raiders started their next drive with a pass from Cole to Preston Conniff for a gain of 13. Cole followed up with a six-yard run. Cole threw a 34-yard pass to Lipsey which put the Raiders on Vina’s five yard line.
Another pass from Cole to Lipsey sealed the deal, and Marion County scored again as the buzzer sounded. The Raiders successfully went for two, and went up 23-0 at the end of the half.  
Vina received the kickoff, but their first possession of the second half ended on a punt from their own 26 yard line.
Silas opened things up for the Raiders with a 45-yard run. Cole made it an even 60 with a 15-yard run. Lipsey ran for 25 yards to bring Marion County to Vina’s five yard line yet again.
Cole ran the needed five yards to score, but a penalty denied the Raiders the points.
They tried again, and this time a pass from Cole to Morrow ended in a legitimate touchdown. The extra point made it through the uprights a third time to put the Raiders ahead 30-0.
On Vina’s following drive, they threw an interception that put the Raiders back on their five yard line again.
Lipsey ran on first down but was stopped at the line for no gain. But Tye Madison broke through and scored another Red Raider touchdown. The extra point missed, but the Raiders were ahead 36-0.
The Red Devils started off the fourth quarter with the ball in their possession, but they never got it back across the 50 yard line with each drive ending in a punt.
In their first possession of the fourth quarter, The Raiders started off with a loss of 14 yards. But from their own 12 yard line, Tye Madison forced his way through for an 88-yard touchdown run with just under eight and a half minutes left in the game. The extra point was right on the money, and the Raiders scored their final seven points of the night.

The Red Raiders and Red Devils each made one more attempt to score, but the game ended with Marion County at 48 points and Vina with none.

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