Senator Tuberville: Celebrating Alabama’s 203rd birthday

In 1902, an Alabama woman’s experience on a snowy day produced one of the most commonly used inventions of the modern era. While riding a streetcar in New York City, Mary Anderson noticed that her driver had to frequently get out of the vehicle and wipe snow off the windshield. This sparked an idea that led her to design the first operational windshield wipers, improving driving conditions for all drivers who would come after her.
Anderson is just one of many Alabamians whose experiences and ingenuity continue to benefit people across the world. Since our state’s admission into the Union on Dec. 14, 1819, the people of Alabama have forged their way into history by overcoming, adapting and pushing onward as leaders. This is evidenced through our rich culture and many contributions to our national security, agriculture industry and innovative workforce solutions. Whether you are searching for award winning musical artists, rockets, beaches, football, the peanut capital of the world or sweet tea, the Yellowhammer State continually adds value illuminating Alabama’s past while paving the way for the future.
From the Javelin anti-tank missiles manufactured in Troy, to the one of a kind National Computer Forensics Institute in Hoover, Alabamians’ contributions are making our nation—and world—a safer place to live. The State of Alabama ensures America remains a global leader in space, as Huntsville is home to thousands of Alabamians working at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, one of the largest NASA centers in the United States. Their work was recently broadcast to the world as millions watched the successful launch of Artemis I, marking a huge step forward in our mission to return to the moon.
In recent years, Alabama’s automotive manufacturing industry has rapidly expanded, providing our nation with the most up to date auto technology. Mobile Bay, an important historical port, is now a leading site for the production of new steel ships that will bolster America’s military strength around the globe.
Not only is our state on the front lines of our national defense and cybersecurity, but it is on food security as well. Alabama’s farmers and agricultural workers, who make up the heart of our local communities, feed, fuel and clothe millions of Americans. We lead the nation in several key agriculture production areas, including peanuts, catfish and broiler chicken production.
Alabama is also

leading the way with solutions to address high demand industry shortages, such as the Alabama Community College System’s Skills for Success rapid training program. Thanks to the work of ACCS, students can train for good paying jobs in industries like construction, nursing, trucking, butchery and avionics. All of Alabama’s community colleges now offer at least one paid, state-registered apprenticeship so that students don’t have to choose between earning a paycheck or advanced training. The ACCS is a model for how to solve workforce problems while meeting students where they are.
 This month marks our state’s 203rd birthday—a time to recognize our history and celebrate our achievements and the Alabamians who contribute daily to Alabama’s overall success. Our state is blessed with many hardworking, talented people whose efforts may often go unrecognized but are definitely not unnoticed.
It is an honor to represent the Yellowhammer State in the United States Senate. I will continue to work every day to provide the resources our state needs to continue reaching its full potential while defending the Alabama way of life characterized by conviction, perseverance and pride.
I hope you’ll join me in celebrating our state’s history and how far we’ve come as we look ahead to where we’ll go next. 

Senator Tommy Tuberville represents Alabama in the United States Senate and is a member of the senate armed services, agriculture, veterans’ affairs and HELP committees.



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