The Cleaning Crew of Marion County

If you travel around Marion County, I am sure you have seen those critters called turkey vultures. And most likely you have seen them feeding on whatever that object was that they are feeding on. No doubt the turkey vultures are important to our environment. They clean up the roadside of those critters that did not make it to the other side of the road.
Last year we had one nesting in our barn. I put my animal camera near her and took a bunch of pictures. But one day the egg and her were gone. I believe by looking at the straw where she had laid her egg, there was some sort of struggle and the mommy and egg did not win.
I had a thought come to mind. I wondered why God created a turkey vulture. And after thinking, logic took front stage. The turkey vulture was created when Eve threw down that apple Adam bit into. Someone had to clean up the garden. Thus, the vulture at that point in time started having job security for life. And thank God for the Cleaning Crew of our highways.

Troy Reed
Hamilton, Ala.

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