Car stolen after home invasion

Four suspects tried to leave the scene of a home invasion and robbery in this vehicle but crashed it instead. They then returned to the invasion scene and stole the victim’s vehicle for a getaway.

HAMILTON — A Hamilton resident was the victim of a home invasion last week on Tuesday, June 13, at his home on Bexar Gin Road.
According to Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams, the invasion took place at approximately 9:35 p.m. and involved a white female, Lauren Nicole Brown of Blount County, and three unidentified black males, believed to be from Birmingham.
Williams stated the victim and Brown had been in contact for a few weeks before the crime took place after meeting each other through a dating app.
“On Tuesday, she had talked to him and said that she didn’t have anywhere to stay. He wired the money on CashApp and got her gas money to come to Hamilton, and she arrived around 9:30 to 9:35 p.m. on Tuesday night,” said Williams.
“She came in the house by herself and, shortly after that, she went outside to get her bags. Instead of her coming (into the home), three black males came in.”
Williams stated all three of the males were armed with pistols. The suspects placed the victim on his knees on the floor of his home, holding him at gunpoint, while they began to rob his home.
According to Williams, the suspects took the victim’s Playstation 5, two Playstation controllers, his wallet and his iPhone.
Williams stated the victim was also assaulted using one of the pistols to hit him in the head as the suspects tried to take cash from him.
After taking the victim’s valuables, the suspects attempted to flee the scene in a silver Mitsubishi, but crashed in their getaway attempt.
“At an intersection, they didn’t stop and ended up crashing. They went airborne, hit an embankment and hit a tree which disabled their vehicle,” said Williams.
Williams stated two of the male suspects returned to the victim’s home following their failed attempt to escape the scene.
“At this time, (the victim) had locked his door. They tried to re-enter the house and he ran out the back door and hid in the woods,” said Williams.
“They kicked the door in, got his (car) keys and left in his vehicle.”

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