Winfield business owner concerned about road’s safety

Abby Nicole’s owner Brandon Webster is shown on Friday, April 19, pointing to a stop sign that he estimates is 15 or 20 feet off Woodvale Road. Webster says the sign’s placement creates confusion for drivers trying to determine where exactly to stop.

WINFIELD - The second car wreck in 24 days at a disputed Winfield road has a business owner concerned that the worst may happen before Winfield officials close the road.
“It’s just a matter of time before somebody gets killed,” Brandon Webster, the owner of Abby Nicole’s retail store in Winfield, said. “It’s not if--it’s when. It’s so dangerous,” Webster said, referring to Woodvale Road that runs parallel to his store.
On March 25 a United Parcel Service (UPS) truck and a 2016 Hyunda Sonata were involved in a wreck at the road which terminates at Alabama State Highway 43 (also designated as Highway 118). The road is located across from Taco Bell. According to a Winfield Police Department report, the UPS truck was turning left onto the highway from Woodvale when the truck and the Sonata collided.
On April 18 another accident occurred involving a dumptruck and a car driven by a young woman. Webster said he was inside his store when that wreck occurred and walked out to see the aftermath.



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