More than $1.7M in scholarships earned

Marion County Schools’ seniors were awarded approximately $1,729,460 in scholarship money this year.
The amount is the collective pool of 219 graduating students across five high schools in the Class of 2021, including Brilliant High School, Hackleburg High School, Hamilton High School, Marion County High School in Guin and Phillips High School in Bear Creek.
At Brilliant High, 21 graduating seniors were awarded $428,000 in scholarships.
Thirty-nine seniors at Hackleburg  High were awarded a total of $155,520 in scholarships.
Hamilton High School’s 93 seniors collected $556,420 in scholarship awards.
Marion County High School’s 2021 graduating class of 33 seniors collected $455,270 in scholarships.
Phillips High Schools’ 33 seniors were awarded $134,250 in Scholarships.

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