The greatest person (I know)

The individual citizen is the greatest person I know. With the building collapses of late, it hurts to turn on the news and see someone suffering because they’ve lost a loved one or because they don’t know whether or not the one they care for is alive or dead. For some reason we feel JFK, MLK or even Abe Lincoln are the only ones who have done heroic deeds without considering the many regular, ordinary people who just do what is needed at the time. Ever see someone who has stopped for a car wreck? Ever see someone who helps a young mother who has several children and several packages and is trying to secure all this into her vehicle? Heroic deeds don’t need to be BIG they just need to fill a need. Ever take a dish over to an older person for supper? How many men and women are busy right now helping to remove debris from a collapsed structure? How many are keeping drinks and food available to those laboring to remove collapsed building materials from what was just moments before someone’s home? How many are offering moral support to those who don’t know if their loved one is alive or dead? Yes, John Glenn was amazing, but that’s the business he was in. Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt did a lot (in the background) when FDR was so ill and we fellow citizens weren’t aware of it. However, my fellow neighbors brought dishes of food over when my husband was in the hospital and later died. All a person has to do to be a hero is to care for another when the need is there! The famous names that will be forever lauded as heroes in our history books pale by comparison to all those hundreds of thousands of average citizens who don’t think twice when they see something that needs to be done and who does it. Personally, I feel America is the greatest country on the globe, but we have had visiting foreigners who just pitched in when there was an emergency here in America. And I’m sure citizens of other countries have had the same experience. You don’t suppose, do you, that as human beings we’re not really that far apart? Perhaps the amount of money or fame one has is far less important than just caring for other human beings. To me those are the greatest people in the world, and I’m sure many others feel the same way.

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