Letter to the Editor

I was watching the news this morning and I notice all the "new medicines" with multiplyingly strange looking names for all the "new ailments" that I have never heard off.  The medicine being advertised said for you to check with your doctor to see if the new medicine can help you with that condition.
Years ago, I cancelled my subscription to a magazine because the magazine became a medicine advertisement magazine more than with entertaining articles and funny stories. I am sure if you have a sound mind and can digest this last sentence you will know what magazine I am speaking of. Come to think about it, I do not see them in doctor's waiting rooms anymore.
Anyway, the ad I saw on TV was 30 seconds long, showing people doing what seemed to be normal in their lives. But soon listening to the message, the message took 20 seconds to tell you about the side effects of that new medicine. What struck me weird at that time was how strange is our government, some actors, some doctors and most large companies and the mainstream media all saying get the shots. But, no side effects are mentioned!
Why is that? Shouldn't we be warned of side effects like they do on TV and in magazines?  People are dying because of the side effects of the  experimental shots. Shouldn't there be a disclaimer for the side effects if your doctor tells you to get the shot(s).

Something is being sold to us that just does not make sense to many. How about you? Can no one be trusted to give you and me the truth about what the side effects are for us? I heard my doctor and made my decision.

Troy Reed
Hamilton, Alabama

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