Letter to the Editor

Dear Friend, Neighbor,
Loved One and Patient,

When we graduated from medical school, we each took an oath; we promised to care for you, to support your ongoing health and wellness. It is who we are and what we must do to honor the professional and personal integrity of our oath and self-commitment.
We are blessed to live in north Mississippi and northwest Alabama and to care for this community. We are fortunate to care for you in our clinics and hospitals and grow older alongside you in our community.
Caring for our community’s residents comes with many responsibilities: to be compassionate, give counsel (even when it is hard), make recommendations to prevent illness, and deal with quality of life and quality of death issues as they arise. Please trust our counsel as we support your medical decisions.
We have reviewed medical literature and monitored the effects of vaccination and masking on our patients, colleagues and now on those who have died from COVID-19.
Based on the existing research and evidence, our experience in managing COVID-19 infected patients and our commitment to your well-being, here is what we ask of you:
1. Wear your mask in all indoor interactions. The Delta variant is extremely contagious; please protect yourself from becoming infected (this applies to those who are and are not vaccinated).
2. If you have been vaccinated, we applaud your decision. If you have not been vaccinated and are medically able, please do so as soon as possible.
3. Lastly, if you become infected with COVID-19, ask your provider if you qualify for monoclonal antibody therapy.
We continue to be very challenged to provide our best level of care because of capacity challenges and severity of patients’ illnesses. If you are critically ill (are in an accident, have chest pain or signs of a stroke), seek care in our Emergency Room. If you are not critically ill (have a cold, a nagging cough or headache, diarrhea, a rash or if you just need to be tested for COVID-19), seek care in our clinics and urgent care facilities.
When you make the decision to mask and vaccinate, please recognize you are protecting each and every member of our communities.


Bonnie Basler, M.D., RHIA
Harold Batson, M.D.
Scot Bell, M.D.
Mont Berry, M.D.
Barry Bertolet, M.D., FACC
Mahesh Bhatt, M.D.
Montianna Bingham, M.D.
Jeremy Blanchard, M.D., M.M.M.
Brad Boldizar, M.D.
Cameron Bonds, M.D.
Josh Calcote, M.D.
Brian E. Condit, M.D.
West Cordell, M.D.
Brad Crosswhite, M.D., FAAFP
Marissa Cruz, D.O., MPH/MBA
Will Darsey, M.D.
Amy Doyle, M.D.
Erik Dukes, M.D.
Shannon C. Fryery, FNP-BC
Jennifer Grisham, M.D.
Barney Guyton, M.D.
Anne Haire, D.O
Richard Hendrick, M.D.
Diego Hidalgo, M.D.
Samantha Houston, M.D.
Roger Huey, M.D.
Philip Huq, M.D.
Jessica Hychko, M.D.
Uyi-oghosa Idemudia, M.D.
Joe Johnsey, M.D. FACEP
Yahya Kurdi, M.D. MS
Adeniyi Koiki, M.D., M.Sc.
Emily B. Landrum, M.D.
Eric V. Lewis, M.D.
Jim Lewis, M.D.
Carrie Loftiss, M.D.
Mark Matthews, M.D.
Keri R Merschman, M.D.
Derreck Menefee, M.D.
Ned Miller, D.O., FAAFP
M. Craig Moffett, D.O. 
Garrett Ogg, M.D.
Raymond Orgler, M.D. FACS
Dayo Oyedepo, M.D.
Kelton Pace, M.D.
Renata Palasiewicz, D.O., MBA
T. Ray Perrine, M.S., M.D., FAAFP
Terry Pinson, M.D.
David Pizzimenti, D.O.
Darrion Prewitt, M.D.
Mindy Mallory Prewitt, M.D.
Marlana McFarland, FNP-BC
Vernon A. Rayford, M.D.,
Pharm.D., FAAP
Donald C. Robertson, D.O.
Keila Romero-Barreto, M.D.
Brady Russell, M.D.
Vishal Sachdev M.D., FACS, CPE
Raymond Seay, D.O., FACOI
Zeenat Shameem, D.O.
Sue H. Simmons, M.D.
Robert B. Smith, M.D.
Bob Stewart, M.D.
Trice W. Sumner, D.D.S.
Jennifer Thompson-Davis, M.D., MBA, MPH
Renee Walters, D.O.
C. K. White, M.D.

Harminder Atwal, ACNP
Lori Barkley, CFNP
Jesse Davis, FNP-BC
Hannah Driggers, FNP
Anna Heaton, CFNP
Amanda Michael, FNP
Angela Middleton, FNP
Aimee Settlemires, AGACNP
Sarah Simmons, FNP
Ben Spencer, FNP-BC
Christina Williams, FNP
Kayla Worthey, FNP

Sarah Bergman, D.O.
Nicholas Bondio, D.O.
Torey Collier, M.D.
Tyler Crosswhite, M.D.
Raaj Ghosal, D.O.
Maribeth Hillhouse, M.D.
Karen A. Hughes, M.D.
Forrest Lyon, M.D.
Emma McDowell, D.O.
Leslie Smothers, D.O.
Sheena Tran, D.O
Marcus Wilson, D.O.

Swetha Chittipolu, M.D.
Raoul Correa, M.D.
Andrew Crowe, M.D.
Waleed Hassan, M.D.
Victoria Hundley, D.O.
Boyang Liu, M.D.
Mahmoud Mohamed, M.D.
Dangtue Nguyen, M.D.
Zareen Razaq, M.D.
Trest Underwood, D.O.
Joseph Weigold, D.O.

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