The State of Affairs

My husband and I left a democratic run state 25 years ago. We relocated here in Alabama, where my family originally is from. We knew this state believed and was run “by the people and for the people’s” freedoms.
Those freedoms now are under siege right now by a tyrannical, bordering on communism, illegitimate regime. It's time for U.S. citizens to save our great country.
Current debt total in our country is heading toward 29 TRILLION dollars. Google that amount to visually see it. That's 86 thousand dollars per citizen; $228,000 per taxpayer, but only 38 percent actually pay taxes (source: US Debt Clock).
Here in Alabama we spend approximately 434 million per year on illegal immigration (source:  Taxes paid cannot sustain this overhead.
Currently we have stranded Americans being held hostage in Afghanistan while Afghan refugees stream into the country unvetted from a wasted war!
When there is no border, there is no country!

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