A two-party system will strengthen democracy and solve nation’s problems

Dear Editor,
After voting many years for a person, not a political party, I believe a two-party is essential for a democracy to function.
The three sections of our government, the legislative, the executive and the judicial, were set up so each could over see the work of the other two. The political parties in Congress should function the same way.
Congressional votes should be used to find a solution for our problems. Now Congress is a national problem. They vote along party lines no matter what they are voting for. They don’t have the guts to vote their heart, even when they know better. Solutions for the nation are often not found.
Another problem is the Republicans don’t seem able to find an intelligent, moral, respectable presidental candidate.
If a party chooses a candidate who chooses bankruptcy over paying his business’ debts, a candidate who wants to be buddies with dictators, a candidate who thinks the justice department should forgive people who try to overthrow Congress and a candidate who discounts our election officials, then I cannot vote for that candidate, or anyone who champions him.
We need a two-party system. We need people who will vote for a person or a bill because it is the right thing for the nation. We need people in our government who will help solve the nation’s problems.
We do not need people in our government who cause problems.
T.C. Gentry
Brilliant, Ala.

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