Who is opressing Alabama women?

It appears to me that Lynda Kirkpatrick is using her leadership positions within the Democratic party as a platform to promote feminism. In her recent editorial entitled “It doesn’t matter which political party women belong to in Alabama,” Kirkpatrick, the chair of the Marion County Democratic Party, accused both Alabama Democrats and Republicans of oppressing women. In her letter, she claimed that all women “are being discriminated against, regardless of political party. All you have to be is a woman. Period.” She also asserted that women “have no representation in what laws are passed or the quality of our lives.” According to Kirkpatrick, Democrat and Republican politicians have betrayed women on equality issues. Therefore, she urges women to vote along gender lines rather than party lines. She says, “You cannot be on your own side and vote for a candidate who is voting against you.” I find Kirkpatrick’s views self-defeating, inconsisten, and inadequate to bring about the change she seeks.
First, it seems Kirkpatrick’s political loyalty is to feminism rather than the Democratic party. As of Sept. 15, 2022, Kirkpatrick’s online Facebook profile introduces her with the following quote by Maya Angelou: “I am a feminist. I have been a woman a long time. I would be stupid not to be on my own side.” I encourage readers to review her past editorial articles and decide whether Kirkpatrick has represented the Democratic party or gender politics. In my view, her brand of identity politics divides women against men. She risks alienating her fellow male Democrats while attempting to recruit females from the other political parties. Is this not a threat to the unity of her party?
Second, it appears that Kirkpatrick has betrayed her feminist ideals. If the Democratic party is betraying and oppressing women, why does she continue to be a party member? Why does she hold leadership roles at the county, district and state levels? If her claims are valid, it seems hypocritical to represent a party oppressing other women. Kirkpatrick is part of the oppression she claims to oppose.
Third, Kirkpatrick is inconsistent because her beliefs are based upon an inconsistent worldview. For example, feminism seeks to protect the equality of all women while protecting the right to kill females in the womb. Feminism claims to fight for all women while fighting against women who disagree with feminism. Feminism demands more opportunities for women while campaigning against a female governor and female U.S. Senate candidate.
Fourth, secular ideologies like feminism (or masculism) are inadequate to deal with our country’s problems. They may identify some examples of injustice but cannot locate the root cause. Therefore, any prescribed solution may worsen our condition.  Our world has a sin problem, not a gender problem. Both men and women sin. For example, consider the millions of babies killed by their mothers in the womb. Radical feminism only threatens to incite an equal and opposite reaction from radical masculism.
Any worldview that does not address the sins of both genders is incapable of proposing correct solutions. As a Christian, I believe the only solution for our sins is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you want men and women to begin treating each other fairly, then we must present the Gospel to them. Only Christ can forgive our sins and transform our hearts so that we will act justly. Only Christ can bring about the changes you seek in yourself and others. A Christian man will love his wife (Ephesians 5:25). He will not grab women by the genitalia or otherwise sexually abuse them. Christians will honor and respect all people, male and female, born and unborn (1 Peter 2:17). And every Christian will aspire to provide for their household rather than relying on social programs (1 Timothy 5:8). There is no doubt a failure of politicians in our country, but our sin causes the failure. Radical feminism is a false savior.


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