TRICARE network leaving local pharmacies

Dear Editor,
I am an 85 year old widow of a retired service member. I suffer from severe health conditions, and I rely on TRICARE for my prescription medications. For years, I have been able to utilize my local independent community pharmacy to fill these prescriptions because they are the most convenient for me, and they provide the best services. Yet, I have been informed that as of Oct. 24, my pharmacy will no longer be in the TRICARE network. I’m told I have choices. I can either go to the closest military treatment facility, which is too far for me to travel, or I can get my medications from the Express Scripts mail order pharmacy, which can’t provide same day service when I need my medications. Our active and retired military deserve better. I urge our Congressional delegation to take action to ensure those who served our country and earned their TRICARE benefits maintain access to their chosen health care providers, and I urge the Department of Defense to do a more effective job in overseeing the program.

Janice Bostick
Hamilton, Ala.

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