Back through the years in Marion County...

Wiginton School

Submitted by Dan Wiginton, this photo shows the Wiginton School in 1914. Shown, front row from left, are Almon Miller, Ernest Evans, Ray Cantrell, Elman Miller, Elvis Barnwell and Marvin Cantrell. Second row, Ethel (Pig) Cantrell, Mona Belle Cantrell, Maggie Frederick, Ethel Miller, Theola Scott, Myrtle Bottoms, Iva Lee Scott, Orela Scott, Lou Bertha, Geneva Fleming, Fannie Barnwell, Victoria Fleming and Verdell Partain. Third row, Ora Purser, three unknown people, Zelphia Cantrell, Marie Evans, Grace Miller, Lottie Barnwell, Eula Partain, Dora Cantrell, Myrtle Miller, Teacher Maude Walker, unknown, Dennis Partain and Clyde Frederick. Fourth row, Tracy Stephens, Lee Stidham, Sam Fleming, Booker Miller, Ralph Bottoms, Nora Fleming, Deal Fleming, Fronia Fleming, Hoyt Barnwell, Blanton Fleming, Clyde Fleming and an unknown Bottoms. Fifth row, George Evans, Charles Purser, Teacher Burlie Stidham, Francis (Frank) Barnwell, Coy Miller and Dewey Barnwell.
Notice the flag has 48 stars, Coy Miller is holding a basketball and the two boys on the far right are holding what looks like cloth sacks.

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