‘Thanks at Thanksgiving’ told by Winfield fifth grader in 1962

Mrs. Bythel Earnest, who has be substituting for Mr. Grady Dillard, who has been ill for six weeks, asked the fifth graders of Winfield City Schools to write what they are thankful for. She was so impressed by the paper turned in by Janie Lindsey that she brought, as it is written, to the Daily Northwest Alabamian for publication.

By Janie Ellen

I am thankful that the Pilgrims came to America and they made it possible for there to be such a day which we call Thanksgiving.
I am thankful that we can go to the churches we want to, and that we can worship as we please. I am thankful that we have mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. I do not have a sister, but I have two wonderful brothers. They are two and six years old.
I am thankful we have transportation to go places and that I live in American and that I am an American, and that I have my mother and father because some people do not have them, and for my Bible because it teaches me God’s word and how to live.
I am thankful that we have crops to feed us that we have beds to sleep in because some people do not have beds and I am thankful that I have many friends.
I am thankful for my father because he teaches what to do right and wrong.
I am thankful for books because I like to read. I am thankful for teachers that teach school and for Mrs. Brendley that helps teach us more about God and bring us near to God, too.
I am thankful for my Grandmother and my grandfather, because on Thanksgiving they bring us gifts sometimes and because they help us, too.
I am thankful that we have Mrs. Bernice Earnest to take Mr. Dillard’s place until he gets to come back and I am glad Mrs. Earnest likes our room, although sometimes we get a little out of hand.
I hope nothing happens to anybody during the holiday weekends and I hope that people whose families do not have enough money to buy a turkey or a chicken have a happy Thanksgiving anyway.

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