County suffers storm damage

MARION COUNTY — Marion County was hit by severe weather yet again this weekend, with many fearing the worst after reports that a tornado damaging much of Amory, Miss., was heading close to home.
Just as storm winds made their way to the county line, the tornado dissipated, but straight-line winds continued to cause damage and power outages across the county late Friday night.
Marion County Emergency Management Agency Director Eric Terrell stated many in Marion County suffered from property damage as well as downed trees and power lines.
“We had tree, power line and roof damage pretty much county-wide. That storm system went all the way across the county,” said Terrell.
“It went all the way from the state line over in the Byrd community, through Shottsville and Hamilton. The National Weather Service has looked at that part of the county and determined that it was thunderstorm wind damage.”
Terrell stated, while there was no tornado through the west and northwest areas of Marion County, he and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department are collecting data using drone images to determine if Bear Creek was affected by a tornado.

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