Partisanship matters

When you hear the word “partisan” in the media, do you get the feeling the use of that word is to make you think something has been worked on by both political sides? Before getting involved with politics, I thought partisan was a type of cheese you put on food like salads or pizza! But now that I have developed an interest in politics, partisanship has become a very important word (it seems) to the Democrats in Marion County.
I like to be represented by elected people who think the same way as I do concerning how the city, county and state governments are run. Back in my youth, my only involvement in politics was to make sure I voted in every election. My parents were Democrats, but they changed their voting in their twilight years. They told me that the Democratic party changed, and they did not like the changes. By keeping my ear to the ground and using common sense, that told me which political party agreed with my beliefs which are the constitution and the bible. But by knowing a candidate’s party affiliation today, there is always doubt of how a person will vote.
In last Wednesday’s Journal Record editorial, the Marion County’s Democratic leader’s editorial about their meeting using veterans as a theme was an example. I found it touching about those who gave all for the service of our country. I too served and had childhood friends who gave it all for the service of our country. I am grateful for what my VA has done for me and want to tell all veterans to check with our VA representative to see if he can help them in any way.  
But as I read the editorial, I could not help but think the term “veteran” was used as a weapon against the Republican party. And I get it, being the minority party in the county can be difficult to accept. But with an important election coming soon, all the weapons will be used to get you to vote Democrat. The examples will be the poor children of illegals, the college debts, abortion rights, the rights of men allowed in ladies sports and bathrooms, trans people entertaining kids in schools, all weapons to be used against the beliefs of the Republican party. I hope they fail as they have for a long time in parts of our state.

Troy Reed
Hamilton, Ala.

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