Guin residents offer assistance to stranded motorist

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, I was traveling on U.S. Highway 43 heading home to Hamilton from a meeting in Tuscaloosa. I topped a hill and saw an object in the road. I swerved but heard a sickening "pop," as my tire blew out.  I carefully made my way into the town of Guin and called Watha's.
While I waited for about 20 minutes, I had several kind citizens of Guin stop and offer to change my tire. Police officers, city workers and a polite young man stopped to see if I was ok and offer assistance.  It did my heart good to see such caring individuals.  Sometimes I forget there are still good people in the world.  Thank you, Guin, for reminding me.
Belinda McRae
Hamilton, Ala.


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