Senator Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville: Bidenomics, a total disaster

This summer, President Joe Biden traveled across our great country touting the success of what he calls ‘Bidenomics’.
I’ve got news for the president. The American people aren’t buying what he’s selling. Two thirds of the American people disapprove of Biden on the economy and three out of four Americans say our country is on the wrong track.

Tommy Tuberville has a new game plan for blocking

The United States Marine Corps does not have a commander for the first time in over 100 years. This is all because of Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville, who has never served in the military, is holding hostage hundreds of military assignments to force his MAGA social agenda on the women in our military because he doesn’t like the healthcare provisions approved by the Pentagon. This is freezing up promotions for over 200 top military posts that are critical to the safety of our national defense.

Senator Tuberville: Celebrating Alabama’s 203rd birthday

In 1902, an Alabama woman’s experience on a snowy day produced one of the most commonly used inventions of the modern era. While riding a streetcar in New York City, Mary Anderson noticed that her driver had to frequently get out of the vehicle and wipe snow off the windshield. This sparked an idea that led her to design the first operational windshield wipers, improving driving conditions for all drivers who would come after her.

Senator Tuberville: The importance of career and technical education

For high school students, choosing a career path can be a difficult decision. They weigh many factors, such as personal interests, the rising cost of higher education, earning potential and accessibility of job opportunities. And in recent years, the challenging economy and job market has left many students uncertain about taking their next steps. A 2019 survey found that only about half of our high school students feel prepared for the workforce.

Senator Tuberville: Foreign investors own millions of U.S. acres

Harvest season
is here, and farmers across the state are looking forward to reaping the rewards of their labor. They will spend many early mornings and late nights in the fields harvesting crops to be enjoyed across the country and the world. We could not survive without their work. That’s why protecting their ability to produce is one of my top priorities in the U.S. Senate.