Hackleburg council stands its ground

HACKLEBURG - Big 95.5 radio station owner Hutty Hutcheson will be expected to pay power expenses totaling $2,300 which were incurred during 2019.
At a Hackleburg Town Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 12, Hackleburg Mayor Darryl Colburn attempted to state his case for why he believes the bill should be lower.
Hackleburg Councilwoman Tabby Lolley brought the issue to the council’s attention during the council’s Sept. 28 meeting. She pointed out at the time that Hutcheson has been billed three times for the amount owed and has not paid.
Hutcheson has told the Journal Record he doesn’t believe he should have to pay the bill. He claims he has spent $20,000 repairing and renovating the building and that the town is dragging its feet on fixing a leaking roof.


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