Commissioners want money

Dana Peoples and Bruce Miller, jail committee members, and Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams look over plans for the new county jail.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
HAMILTON — The Marion County Commission and the jail committee met on Thursday night, Feb. 3, to discuss finances in regards to the new county jail. Plans are moving forward to construct a 208-person jail with a $14 million budget.
Marion County Administrator Kalyn Moore presented two options for paying off the bond. One option would allow the county to make lower payments over 25 years, which is around $635,000 each year, or make higher payments for 20 years, which is around $745,000 per year.
Moore said that making lower payments over a longer period of time would give the county some breathing room if other expenses came up during that time, but she and several commissioners felt like paying it off early, if possible, would also be a good idea.

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