Marion County advances to second round of playoffs

Landon Morrow catches a pass and runs to the end zone followed by Ragland players.

By P.J. Gossett
General Manager
RAGLAND — The Marion County Red Raiders succeeded in stopping the Ragland Purple Devils from continuing on to the playoffs Friday, Nov. 4. Marion County played a strong game, ending it with a score of 59-22 and is the only one from the county going to the second round of playoffs. They will take on Valley Head this Friday in Guin.
Marion County took the kickoff, and after three first downs and 49 yards, Tye Madison caught a pass for the first touchdown. A complete pass to Landon Morrow got the two extra points, lighting the scoreboard 8-0 in favor of Marion County.
Ragland turned the ball over on downs, and the Red Raiders made their way to the Purple Devil 20 yard line before the ball was fumbled and recovered by Ragland. As the second quarter began, Ragland made it to the one yard line, while the defense kept them from crossing the goal line and forced Ragland to a turnover. Ragland was able to sack Marion County’s Quarterback Joe Aldridge and succeeded in getting the ball. Back to first and goal, Ragland took it in for their first touchdown with a good two point conversion, tying the score 8-8.
The second quarter was the biggest one in terms of scoring for both teams. Marion County scored 28, while Ragland had 22. Ragland was unable to score during any other quarter.
Dee Lipsey caught a pass and got the second touchdown. The two points were no good, and Ragland immediately answered with a touchdown of their own. The conversion was no good, tying the score once more at 14.
Morrow was able to get the next touchdown, and the two point try again was no good, increasing Marion County’s lead 20-14.
Ragland took it in again, and this time, the conversion was good, making it the only time their score was higher than Marion County’s, 20-22.
Lipsey answered with a touchdown. The conversion was good, increasing the score once more to 28-22, Marion County.
On second down, Zach Lamereaux tipped a pass, and it was intercepted by Madison. Lamereaux then had the honor of the next touchdown. The two point conversion was good, and the first half ended with a score of 36-22, Marion County.
Even though Ragland received the kickoff on the second half, they were forced to turn the downs over to Marion County. Ragland’s Johnathan Thomas intercepted a pass from the Red Raiders. Working their way down the field, Morrow was able to intercept a pass and give back possession to Marion County. Morrow then got to the end zone again, and a good conversion gave the score of 44-22, Marion County.
Each team turned the downs over once before the last quarter began. A Ragland player fumbled the ball in their own end zone, giving Marion County a safety, with the score 46-22.
Marion County had a turnover and then an interception by Brooks Junkin. A complete pass to Madison gave Marion County another touchdown. A good PAT added to the score, 53-22 Marion County.
Lamereaux was able to intercept the ball, though Marion County ended up turning the ball over on downs.
At this point, Ragland was at their own 34 yard line and got to the 38 on second down when a Marion County player caught up to a Ragland player, picked him up and body slammed him into the ground. This caused most of the Ragland players to enter the field, followed by most of the Marion County team. The coaches and referees were able to restore order quickly, and Marion County received a personal foul and a loss of 15 yards. Ragland tried to return a body slam to one of the Marion County players but was unable to pick him up.
When Ragland attempted to pass, Lamereaux once again intercepted the ball. On first down, Samuel Taylor had the last touchdown honor after a 90 yard run. The PAT was no good, ending the score 59-22, Marion County.
Ragland was able to get to third down when Jameson Webb took the last interception, and the clock ran out.
Marion County gained 574 during the game, with 404 of those passing and 170 rushing. Aldridge passed the 404 yards. Taylor rushed for 94 yards, Cade Atkins rushed for 57 yards and Aldridge had 19. Morrow had 136 receiving yards, Madison had 129, Lipsey had 128 and Gavin Cole had 11.

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