New businesses bring relief to Hackleburg residents

Hackleburg Mayor Darryl Colburn and Councilwoman Pam Pickens stand outside of the newly opened Family Dollar and Dollar Tree store in Hackleburg.

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HACKLEBURG — Hackleburg’s new Family Tree and Dollar Tree stores have now officially opened on Friday, Jan. 6, at 115 North Clay Street.
Hackleburg Mayor Darryl Colburn stated plans for the new stores, which sit in the same facility on the property, began in Dec. of 2021.
“It was kind of unique that we really didn’t have to do anything to recruit them here. It was more of just letting them know that we’re excited for such a great company to want to come here, and we’re willing to do anything we can to help them out,“ said Colburn.
“This is a new a concept that is targeted toward towns with populations of three to five thousand, so we’re a little under their target population, but I feel like, since the (2011) tornado, we’ve worked hard to not only bring Hackleburg back but put ourselves in a position to grow.“

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