The speed limit is my pet peeve

If you drive any vehicle on Alabama roads, I am sure you have noticed vehicles that seem to want to get so close to your bumper to smell your exhaust pipe. That is one of the many reasons a rearview mirror is in each vehicle. No, not to see the clenched jaws of the person smelling your vehicle’s exhaust, that wants to be in front of you. The reason is to see what is behind you in traffic to keep you safe.
I admit I drive some drivers crazy by going the speed limit using my cruise control everywhere I drive. It has become a pet peeve of mine. I learned many years ago with my first car as a teenager not to drive over the speed limit because it can cost big money in fines and court costs. Not to mention your insurance cost too!
Here in Marion County, travel to and from Hamilton is a daily occurrence for me. Going to shop or eating lunch at one of the fast food places takes us out of our country roads near us and into the big city streets. Along the way from time to time there are those who seem to have the same destination but wanting in front of me has become a challenge for them. Take for example Bexar Avenue or Route 4/278. The road is two lanes heading to Hamilton from I-22, but then it turns to four lanes at the “Welcome to Hamilton” sign. I always move over to the far right lane so those vehicles can zoom by me. But then they see me pull alongside of them at the first stop light. Of course, I smile if they look at me. Most do not, but I know they know. I am sure they do not understand the reason for my smile.
By the way, heading to Hamilton there is a steep hill that heads to the blinking sign to slow your vehicle to 35 miles per hour. At the top of that hill, I can coast through the two lights if green and increase my miles per gallon by two tenths! I figure for the years I have traveled Bexar Avenue, I might have saved a few dollars by coasting down that hill. By my driving pet peeves, they do drive my wife a little crazy knowing what is happening behind our vehicle. Yes, another pet peeve!

Troy Reed
Hamilton, Ala.

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