Student Arrested after Gun Incident

HAMILTON — A Hamilton juvenile was arrested at Hamilton High School on Wednesday, Oct. 11, following a threat made with a deadly weapon.
According to Hamilton Police Chief Jordan Carter, on Wednesday morning, a complaint was made concerning an incident that took place at Sonic in Hamilton the previous night.
According to Carter, the complainant stated the juvenile suspect involved in the incident pointed a firearm at and made a threat to the occupants of a vehicle at the drive-in restaurant.
According to Carter, the suspect, male, age 17, is a student at Hamilton High School.
On Wednesday, based on the complainant’s statement, Hamilton PD believed the suspect could still be in possession of the firearm at the school, and officers made their way to the campus.
The juvenile, along with other students, was questioned before he was arrested and trespassed from the school. Carter stated he was not in possession of the weapon at the time of his arrest.
Carter stated many in the community were under the impression that students who were questioned were not treated fairly under constitutional law.
“Some of the accusations were that we questioned students without (them) being advised of their Miranda rights and without them being advised of their right to having a lawyer and parent present,” said Carter.
“They were advised of those rights. They were pulled out of class, separated, and we made sure that the suspect was unarmed. He was relocated to a private room where the questioning could go forward with the school personnel and the officers that were there.”

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