County makes huge drug arrest

Tommy Sprinkle, left, and Tanya Hamilton, both of Brilliant, were arrested on multiple drug-related charges.

BRILLIANT — The Marion County Sheriff’s Department has made two big arrests this last week in their quest to make Marion County safer by getting drugs off of the streets.
Tommy Shane Sprinkle, 44, and Tanya Hamilton, 46, both of Brilliant, were arrested on Wednesday, March 22.

Brilliant girls have 20-8 season record

Senior Abby Humphries achieves 1,000 points in her basketball career on Jan. 31. Shown are Coach Sawyer Nelson, Head Coach Ryan Sanderson, Humphries and Coach Heath Sanderson.

By P.J. Gossett
General manager
BRILLIANT — The Brilliant High School’s varsity girls basketball team has a 20-8 record and two milestone achievements this season. Senior Abby Humphries is the most recent of these, when she achieved 1,000 career points at the game against Vina on Tuesday, Jan. 31. The other one was by Macy Moore, another 1,000 points achiever, in December.

Man arrested at school event

By P.J. Gossett
General manager
BRILLIANT — A high school basketball game was momentarily halted on Tuesday, Jan. 24, when a belligerent spectator caused a scene and was subsequently taken into custody by Brilliant Chief of Police Eddie Bryant.
Stephen Smiley, of Brilliant, has been charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Turning lane to be added in Brilliant

A turning lane is planned to be added here on State Highway 129 in Brilliant.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
BRILLIANT — Brilliant received just shy of $2 million in ATRIP-II funds to install turn lanes on State Highway 129 in front of the Stone Canyon Homes plant.
The turn lanes are intended to make the entrance to the plant safer, since it is located in a curve of the road, and several accidents have occurred there.

A look back at the Boston Theatre

Shown is the eastern side of the Boston Theatre.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
BOSTON —  Don’t get Boston and Brilliant confused! There’s a difference—at least…there used to be.
Before the mines shut down and the two communities were incorporated into Brilliant, there used to be the Town of Boston, Alabama, located where downtown Brilliant is today. Brilliant, back then, was the area closer to where the high school stands today.