Faye Harris

What? You don’t want to die and go back to become invisible? Allow me to explain...
When you were in your mother’s womb, all your needs cared for by the maternal body, you weren’t really anxious to be “born.” You didn’t know what lay ahead “out there.” The unknown is always a bit scary, so you’d just as soon stay where you were.
However, you had no vote in the matter (that’s life!) and you came naked into this world.
You had to breathe on your own. This “new” physical body had to take on a life of its own, to adapt to a physical world on your own, learning to care for your own needs.
You became a bit self-centered and learned people would stop what they were doing to care for you if you cried. You learned people can be controlled and just knew the world was all about you!
It’s only as you grew older that you began to realize in order to get what you wanted, you sometimes had to give something back. (See how much learning one does at a very early age? That’s the second invisible part of you “kicking in.” The mind, while also invisible, is our umbilical cord to our Creator, so we’re still connected, still being cared for, but now we begin to “see” that there’s something more than our physical being. However, we still don’t understand how this works.)
As we grew, God, in His wisdom, would allow obstacles to come into our pathway so we would begin to develop our mind. See how God takes over the job He “loaned” to mother for a period of time? We are beginning to “advance” in our understanding.
We get to an age where things begin to level out. We get, we give, sometimes more, sometimes less. His very Word tells us, “I know the plans I have for you...”
Then, times of triumphs, tragedies, and leveling off begin to share our lives until we start to acquire a bit of wisdom.
We learn how much self-satisfaction we get from doing for others.
Our “being” or “soul” is growing. We can see the young and how they are beginning to learn as we did; we see teen-agers and young people beginning to expand their knowledge as they grow; young and middle-aged beginning to pay more attention to the invisible (spirit and mind) portion of their being, while, of course, still caring for their physical body.
Then one day, we finally begin to understand that we’re really less physical (than we thought) and more invisible (spirit/life and mind). Now...
God has watched his child (you) grow and develop as He wanted us to...all along. Now...
It seems like we’re getting better at averting problems (through our having learned what clues are put into our pathway to remind us) and getting better at reaping the rewards of having learned well what works and what doesn’t.
Then we begin to understand God is just getting us ready for graduation--some call it “to die”--and think of it as disappearing. However, I still have Glen’s (my hubby’s) earthly remains in the cremation box on his sink in the bathroom.
Only after the Big Event happens (graduation in the biggest sense--and for our last physical time) will we understand that our spirit/being form is too valuable to waste. We will continue on. God was both our creator and our teacher in every sense of the words.
We are, at last, free. We can go anywhere and greet anyone at will. Where we thought earlier that we were free, now we know real freedom to burst the bonds of the physical. doesn’t matter that I’ve either misplaced my wallet or had it physically stolen. Those are merely physical things that can be replaced by using my invisible mind and my invisible spirit (life) to take care of what needs to be done physically.
Now...on graduation, I can walk the streets with God, or dad, or mom, or even Ernest Hemingway, if I choose. That’s the way the whole thing works.
Now...I can (instantly) explore forever with whomever I choose or wherever I wish to visit and I will still be learning because you see, there really is no end. God is right, just like His Word explains. Eternity is forever and eternity will be a real blast! Just wait and see!

Eternity goes both ways. We're living in it right now. It was happening during all the time prior to our birth; it's currently happening; and it will go on forever forward. Just think of all those who came before us and all who will be born from now on. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?
We can't “see” it. We see only the physical, but our two invisible parts: The mind (our umbilical cord to our Source and all His knowledge) and the spirit (that invisible life/energy) will always be a part of all eternity.

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