Former Hamilton, Guin police officer arrested


 HAMILTON -  A former Hamilton and Guin policeman is behind bars after an anonymous tip led to his arrest on various drug charges last week.
Tim Allen Walter, 33, Guin, was arrested on Wednesday, May 1, in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Guin after a two-week investigation, Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams said.
Walter was charged with possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence (DUI), child endangerment, conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime and dispensing pharmaceuticals without a license. Walter remains in the Marion County Jail in Hamilton on a $18,000 bond, Williams said.
The anonymous tip led investigators to believe that Walter was trading his legally-prescribed medication for suboxone strips. Suboxone strips, a prescription medication, are easily dissolved in the mouth and are used to treat opioid abuse disorder.


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