Our Funny Bone

They tell me we all have a funny bone.  I don’t know about other people my age but my bones tend to ache more than they tend to be ( humerus) humorous.  
Statistics tell us the human body contains at least 206 of these valuable items in a variety of sizes.  I haven’t done the counting myself so we’ll just accept the computer’s estimate as being accurate.
Ever have anyone laugh at something you’ve shared with them?  Hopefully these ‘friends’ laughter has nothing to do with either our looks or our mental condition.  Why just the other day our pastor sought to drive his point home by constant repetition.  And, because boredom often leads me to take notes, I jotted down a couple points I wasn’t certain of...and followed this with a bit of my own wisdom.
At the end of his sermon and as we walked out the door...instead of shaking the man’s hand...I handed him two pages of notes and remarked, “Something to think about this week.”
He smiled.  (There must be something in every preacher’s rule book that says they must do that as they shake your hand and say, “Have a good week.”)

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