Tom Bevill documentary to be aired on televesion


Documentary on Alabama’s “Third Senator,” Tom Bevill

    Congressman Tom Bevill represented Alabama for 30 years procuring federal support that transformed our state. See the documentary Tom Bevill - Servant Leader, Monday, February 7th at 9pm on Alabama Public Television.

    His family, staff, colleagues all share great stories - on his childhood, WWII service, family and public service including 15 terms in Congress 1967-1997.

    Bevill’s understanding of government and Congress combined with his personality, optimism, and respect for all gave him the tools to make things happen for Alabama. Congressman Sonny Callahan said, “He was quiet, unassuming man.  If you did not know, you would have never dreamed he was one of the most powerful men in the country.”

    Tom was responsible for legislation that funded the country’s major energy research plus the nation’s water resource development projects.

     He developed the 125 municipalities in his District, worked to ensure all Alabamians had access to a good education, medical care, clean water, and jobs. In 1996 Bevill reflected, “We have worked together to build airports, highways, waterways, health clinics, school buildings, business centers, public buildings and 21st century technological centers. We’ve improved our quality of life in North Alabama.”

    Bevill was known for coalition building + action. He listened, he acted - always looking to the future. Known on Capitol Hill & in Alabama as “A Builder,” he developed a network of projects that strengthened the state by enriching its resources, economy, people & workforce.

Who: Tom Bevill, Congressman for 30 years
What: Documentary
When: 9pm Monday Feb. 7th
Where: APT AL Public Television
More info: Contact Bevill’s former Admin Assist. Don Smith, 703-568-4728 (if no answer, leave message) or Bevill’s daughter Patty Warren, 205.541.8259

Some of Bevill’s accomplishments:
I-22 Birmingham to Memphis interstate, Alabama Technology Network (ten centers of excellence at colleges throughout the state to make innovative use of technology and business practices to create jobs),  UAB Biomedical Research Building (enabling UAB to acquire its first magnetic imaging machine, helping UAB establish the Center for Nuclear Imaging Research), Little River Canyon National Preserve, Bevill Institute for Manufacturing Excellence (Univ. of AL), Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Gadsden Job Corps Center, UAH Conference Center,  deepening the Mobile Harbor and building the new Oliver Lock and Dam, Clear Creek Recreation Area, Industrial Parks, University/College buildings for fine arts, nursing, environmental studies, etc., flood control projects, Army Corps training school (Redstone Arsenal), UAB Head Injury Trauma Center, rural health clinics.