Back through the years in Marion County...

Buttahatchee School

The teacher in this photo of Buttahatchee School students in 1944 is Pearl Holcombe. The school was located at the intersection of what is now Chalk Mine Road and State Highway 253, on the south side of the highway from the Buttahatchee Cemetery, which is all that is left of this long ago thriving place.
It was more than just a school. Vaccinations, adult education classes and Extension classes, among other events were held here.
The school began most likely in the 1910s and was renamed later as the Buttahatchee Junior High School, where it went from grades first through sixth to grades first through ninth. Students would go on to either Hackleburg or Hamilton High schools once they finished the ninth grade. The school closed sometime in the early 1970s.
More photos of these smaller schools will be shown in future editions.
This photo is courtesy of Marie Sullins Holmes.

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