Sullivan family raises awareness for Lowe’s Syndrome

From left are Dixy Perez, Simon Perez (Baby Simon) and Simon Jr. from Fort Worth Texas; Thomas Sullivan holding Waylon Sullivan, Wendy Sullivan from Hamilton; Stephanie Green, her fiance Chris Lindsey from Prattville, Ala.; and Bethany and Kenny Reynolds with son Oliver from Lakeland, Fla.

On Friday, April 28, and Saturday, April 29, we hosted our third annual “Show for Lowe’s.” The Show for Lowe’s” is a big truck show we use to spread awareness and raise funds for our foundation. Our son Waylon was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as Lowe Syndrome when he was six months old. We had never even heard of Lowe Syndrome until he was diagnosed. My husband Thomas Sullivan is an owner-operator and is leased on with Robertson Trucking. Thomas came up with the idea to use his truck to raise more awareness.


Is it me, or is the world getting crazier? I don’t know about you and your shopping experience, but it seems everywhere I shop and get a receipt, on the bottom of that receipt is a request to let the store know how your shopping experience was. They say they really care and want to know how you felt about your shopping in their location. They promise a reward of some kind if you do take the time to fill out their online survey.

The Alabama lottery and taxes

In reading Steve Flowers’ article in the Journal Record’s March 8, edition in the editorial page about Alabama having its own lottery got my attention for more than one reason. When we shop for the majority of groceries, we head to Fulton. No need to tell you where we shop in Fulton. I am sure many do the same thing because the state taxes on groceries is much lower there.

Where does Robert Aderholt stand on women’s issues?

March is the month that we celebrate the women who have opened the doors, broken the glass ceilings, risked their lives and made it possible for women everywhere to vote, own property and even become the vice president of the United States.  Women today stand on the strong shoulders of women who fought for reform created by the inequality between men and women.

The farm-to-market road program should be reinstated

I am a strong advocate for support of truth and justice within the limits of my ability to do what I can. Yet the potential needs of today are far greater than I alone can act upon for a much more decent, safer place for the present and future generations to live and enjoy life more accordingly to the will of God. Jesus said in John 12:32,

Did the ATF just make you a felon?

On the rather appropriate date of Friday, Jan. 13, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) released their dreaded final ruling banning pistol braces, and in 120 days when the ruling goes into effect, millions of Americans will arbitrarily become felons if they don’t surrender their guns or register them with the ATF.
Several years ago, when companies first started introducing  stabilizing braces to the market, it presented an interesting legal question. as a weapon with a rifled barrel and a stock that is intended to be fired from the shoulder.