Ann Davis retires after 25 years at Brilliant

Brilliant Mayor Perry Franks presents town water clerk Ann Davis with a plaque recognizing her 25 years of service on May 9 at Cedar Landing with Brilliant council members, town employees and other guests in attendance during a retirement celebration held in her honor.

By Kathryn “Chazz” Hirschfeld
Staff writer

BRILLIANT — Brilliant Town Water Clerk Ann Davis has mixed emotions  about her retirement this Friday, May 31.
She has worked in her role for the town since May 11, 1999, a total of 25 years. She has cheerfully answered the phone all these years with “May I help you, please?”
“That’s been my phrase for all these years,” she said, when commended on her always joyful tone and uplifting personality.
Regarding her 25 years, she noted, “I’m thankful I got to work here that long. I’m thankful for my co-workers, and for the mayor and the council and for all my customers. It’s all been good.”
A dedicated
and a special person
Brilliant Mayor Perry Franks said, “Ms. Ann has kind of been the face of city hall, because she’s the one everybody sees when they first come in the door every day. The people who pay their water bills, and all of the people who visit city hall, love her.
“She’s kind of like family. In a small town, everybody is kind of like family. Her leaving is like somebody’s family moving away. We’re going to miss her.
“Ann is a good person, and she cares for the people in Brilliant. And the people in Brilliant care for Ann. They all love her. We’re going to miss seeing her every day. She’s such a precious person.”
The mayor also commended Ann on her work ethic and dedication to her role for so many years.
“She’s done a really good job for the Town of Brilliant--from the town’s standpoint,” he said. “We’d really like to thank her for the job she’s done.
“She showed up for work 30 minutes before time to go to work everyday, and she’s the one who locked the door every evening. She’ll truly be missed by all of us.”
Brilliant Town Clerk Jessica Lee stated that Ann was a great co-worker.
“You could always depend on Ann for anything,” Lee said. “She loved her customers, and her co-workers and most of all, she always put God first in her life.
“I will miss her, but I  want her to enjoy life and be more with her family. If you know Ann, she is a special person. She loves her community, and she did an outstanding job. The Town of Brilliant was so blessed to have her as the water clerk.”
Lee noted that Ann’s replacement is Brittany Reid.
“I’m looking forward working with Brittany,” she said. “I think she will be a good employee for the Town of Brilliant.”

Brilliant roots
Ann was born and raised in Brilliant until age seven. Her parents were Bradley and Willette Caudle McGuire.
“I was born at home,” Ann noted.  “My mom and dad were from Brilliant. My mom graduated from Brilliant High School in 1932. She was a poet, and she had a book of poetry published. I was very proud of her.
“My dad was also from Brilliant. He was a coal miner, but he also served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.”
After her first seven years, Ann and her family lived in Jefferson County where she attended and graduated from Minor High School, which was located in Minor Heights at that time.
There were six children in the family in all, with Ann being the only girl. Of her five brothers, three were older than her and two were younger. Her brothers, from oldest to youngest, included Johnny, Richard, Pete, Jim and Bradley Jr.
Ann met the love of her life, Charles Davis, in Jefferson County at the church they attended. Some of Charles’ sisters were friends of hers.

Country roads
took her home
After being away from home for 45 years, she and Charles moved to Brilliant to be nearer to her mom, as her father had passed away in 1992. (Her mom and dad had moved back to Brilliant when he retired from coal mining.)
Five years after moving home, in 2000, Ann’s beloved Charles also passed away. They had been married for 39 years.
But Charles did not leave her alone. The couple were blessed to have two daughters and two sons.
From those four children, they were gifted by the Lord with eight grandchildren. They also enjoyed their next bundles of joy--eight great-grandchildren. And as the icing on the family cake, Ann also has two great-great-grandchildren.
Her children include Tammy, Kimberly, Charles Jr. and Matt.
Her grandchildren include Jamie, Cameron, Brandon, Kaitlyn, Meagan, Reese, Trey and Morgan.
Her great-grandchildren include John, Zack, Penelope, Madilyn, Anna, Nolan, Salem and Halyn.
Her great-great-grandchildren are Roxie and Julie…

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