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Winfield councilman passes away last week

Eddy Posey

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
WINFIELD — Winfield city councilman and longtime deacon of Winfield First Baptist Church Ed (better known as Eddy) Posey passed away on Friday, Dec. 9 at the age of 68.
Posey was a sitting member of the Winfield city council, and was a deacon emeritus at Winfield First Baptist Church after serving as a deacon and faithful member for many years.
Posey was born on Oct. 25, 1954, and graduated from Hubbertville High School in 1973, and then from Northwood University.

Watkins: ‘I’ve been waiting on a budget like this’

By Luke Brantley
Staff Writer

WINFIELD — The Winfield City Council voted to accept the proposed 2021-2022 budget during its meeting on Sept. 7, 2021. The new budget will allow the city to pay off several debts faster, pay for more paving projects and still stick some money back in savings.
“This is the eighth year I’ve prepared a budget,” said Mike Watkins, the city administrator, who created the budget and presented it to the council. “I’ve been waiting on a budget like this.”

Sewell building sold

By Luke Brantley Staff Writer

WINFIELD - The Winfield City Council approved a motion to sell the old downtown Sewell building during its meeting on Tuesday, June 22. The building, located just across State Highway 253 from city hall, is owned by the city but is not currently being used. The building was previously owned by Northwest Medical Center and was donated to the city several years ago. According to city clerk Angie Oliver, the building has several issues due to the age of the building, and the council has been undecided on how to handle the issue until now.

City school system acquires Sitel building

Staff Writer

WINFIELD - Both the Winfield and Hamilton SITEL call center buildings will now have a new use after the Winfield City Council approved deeding the Winfield property to the Winfield City Schools System.
This took place during a regular meeting on Tuesday, May 18, at Winfield City Hall.
“It took about seven years to get back this building from SITEL and, now the third-biggest employer in Winfield (Winfield City Schools) has contacted me about purchasing it,” said Mayor Randy Price.


Burleson excited by police hire

WINFIELD - Winfield Police Chief Brett Burleson addressed the Winfield City council concerning a young new hire he wants to bring to the Winfield Police Department during a regular meeting held on Tuesday, April 21, at Winfield City Hall.
Austin Elijah Swanigan, 21, will be joining the Winfield Police Department after unanimous approval of Burleson’s recommendation to hire him.
“I’m pretty excited about this young man, he’s put in an application with us a couple of times,” said Burleson.

Fayette Co. willing to partner with Winfield

WINFIELD - Fayette County Commissioner Shane Hughes and Fayette County Probate Judge Mike Freeman visited the Winfield City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 20, to discuss the possibility of helping the city pave roads.
In a regular council meeting held on Tuesday, April 6, at the Winfield City Hall, the City made the decision to pave and chip and seal a number of roads, some of which lie in Fayette County lines.

Windham gives hospital update

WINFIELD - Northwest Medical Center-Winfield CEO Michael Windham offered a detailed look at goings-on at the hospital during a regular meeting held on Tuesday, April 6, at Winfield City Hall. Windham stated that when he arrived to the hospital last year, the biggest hurdle was the financial situation, which saw the hospital over one million dollars in the red. “I didn’t get to see the financials until I walked through the door. I looked at them and said, ‘This is not right, there’s something not correct here,’” said Windham.

Council makes decision on roads

Winfield Mayor Randy Price (right) is shown discussing roads with council member James Odom during a work-session meeting on Thursday, April 1, at Winfield City Hall.

WINFIELD - After missing out on the first round of Rebuild Alabama grant monies, the Winfield City Council was faced with the tough decision of which roads to pave during the Winfield City Council meeting held on Tuesday, April 6, at the Winfield City Hall.

Prior to the meeting, council members met during a work session meeting on Thursday, April 1, to determine which roads would be prioritized, but did not make an official vote on the matter until the regular meeting on Monday.

Keys to city presented to Ballard, Hallmark

Winfield Mayor Randy Price (left) presents outgoing Winfield City Councilman Chris Ballard a plaque and a Winfield Key to the City during the council’s meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20, which was the last meeting for the current version of the council.

WINFIELD -  Winfield Mayor Randy Price honored Winfield City Council members Chris Ballard and Anthony Hallmark with plaques and keys to the city during a regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Winfield Community Shelter.
Councilman Jimmy Hayes was also awarded a plaque and key to the city, but was not in attendance during the meeting.
“I appreciate getting to serve with y’all for the past four years. I’ve enjoyed it and I think we’ve made a lot of good progress for the city and it’s been very a positive administration with y’all on it,” said Price.