Marion County Board of Education

Voters elect Sutton as Marion County superintendent

Patrick Sutton is elected Marion County Superintendent.
MARION COUNTY — Voters headed to the polls last Tuesday, April 16, and when the day was done, Patrick Sutton was declared the winner of the Marion County Board of Education superintendent race. He received 1,525, or 58.1 percent, of the votes compared to Josh Weatherly’s 1,100, or 41.9 percent, of the votes. This race was the only one on the ballot. Sutton will take office in January.

Marion County BOE solving Chromebook waste

Pictured is one of 1,400 Google Chromebooks used in Marion County schools. The Chromebooks are expiring, and all Chromebooks are being replaced for the upcoming school year.

HAMILTON — The Marion County Board of Education will have to purchase 1,400 new Google Chromebooks for the upcoming school year after the ones currently owned by the school have expired.
Marion County Schools began using Chromebooks approximately eight years ago in order for students to have access to laptops during school days.
According to Marion County Superintendent Ann West, the devices last only a few years before they need to be replaced with newer models.

Virtual enrollment drops drastically

Staff Writer

HAMILTON - The Marion County Board of Education (BOE) reported a drastically lower number of online virtual learners in the system this year during the Marion County BOE meeting held on Tuesday, Aug. 17, at the Marion County School System’s central office in Hamilton.
 Last year, the county school system’s online option experienced a 300% growth during the school year due to virtual school becoming an attractive alternative to parents who did not wish to have their children in schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Masking up again?

Guin Marion County Board of Education member Don Jones said he would not be able to support a mask mandate if the state were not doing so as well. [Scott Johnson/Staff]

HAMILTON – Threatening increases in the number of COVID-19 cases in Marion County has education officials in limbo with only a matter of days before school starts.
During a meeting on Friday, July 30, Marion County Superintendent of Education Ann West told the county’s school board members that her office is “watching and waiting” for how state officials will posture policy in light of a surge in COVID-19 infections.

Sales tax soars for second month

By Scott Johnson
General Manager

HAMILTON – Another record has been set for local sales tax collections for the Marion County School System.
Marion County Superintendent of Education Ann West told members of the Marion County Board of Education during a meeting on Tuesday, June 15, that $220,160 was generated through the local one-cent education tax, which is paid to the county school system for sales outside of Winfield.